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An established and exclusive member of the Smokin’ Riddims camp, Edinburgh based Aesthetics has to date released 3 E.P’s on Smokin Riddims, The Villains EP, The Hunters EP and Interstellar EP, featuring tracks such as “Kush”, “Let You Down”, and “Soundman” receiving support from DJ’s such as Jaydan, DJ Hype, Hazard, Friction, Camo & Krooked and TC. Recently released is also a selection of tracks worked on with longtime collaborator Upfront including the single “Gully b/w Nostromo”.

Aesthetics forged a love of Drum & Bass attending the now legendary Manga events in the capital. Aesthetics has played a number of gigs across the country including holding down a residency for 7 years at weekly Drum & Bass club, Split in Edinburgh, and also has played several shows on Kool FM London.

Aesthetics continues to work on new music for Smokin’ Riddims and is currently working on music for the next project.


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