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Jaydan Aka Jamie Cope hails from Leicester and has been into drum & bass ever since discovering it through his older brothers love of the music. From his early teens he was listening to rave music through his brother and in his friends bedrooms and started attending various under 18s raves around Leicester.

As the music started to evolve into the jungle/drum & bass sound in the early 90’s he became hooked and at the age of 16 attended his first big rave namely Dance Planet at the legendary Sanctuary in Milton Keynes. He continued to attend nights all over the UK such as Helter Skelter, pandemonium, Dreamscape, Total Kaos & Pleasuredome to name a few and seeing DJs like LTJ Bukem , Grooverider, Hype, Fabio and Jumping Jack Frost he knew that he wanted to be a DJ. It was at that time he met a group of likeminded people through another friend he had made recently, a local DJ by the name of DJ Detro (Marc). It was one of the new group of friends DJ Skitzo (Justin) who set Jaydan on his way by teaching him how to mix. Jaydan recalls how inspirational the music was to him around those years and one of the most inspirational producers of that time to him was Omni Trio. “I loved the uplifting vibes of the music in the tunes and then comes the dirty amen breaks and heavy sub bass hits it was superb and timeless”.

2009 has undoubtedly been the biggest year in Jaydan’s 6 year production career with him achieving many of his own personal goals. Having previously featured on the mighty Ganja Records and Ganja-Tek with collaborations made with Adam (Original Sin) from G Dub a couple of years back, 2009 sees the Solo Debut EP from Jaydan on Ganja Records titled “The Driller Killer EP”. All 4 tracks have received massive support from DJ Hype on Kiss FM, Grooverider & Fabio on BBC Radio 1 and Crissy Criss on BBC1xtra along with being played by all the top DJ’s in the industry.

Jaydan has been Djing for 15 years now and describes himself as a straight up party DJ although he plays and appreciates music from right across the spectrum of Drum & Bass. Along with regular appearances that stretch the length and breadth of the UK, he has also performed in a string of country’s including Belgium, Amsterdam, Poland, Toronto, Paris, Vienna, Portugal, Spain & Germany regularly returning to perform again.

Having been signed to Innovation Artist Management Jaydan now keeps company with some of the biggest drum and bass artists in the world and regularly performs at the industries prestige events, which was another of his personal goals realized. With an increasingly busying Dj schedule including worldwide appearances, a thriving record label and an ever increasing discography on some of the most respected labels in the business Jaydan is defiantly making people take notice.


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