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Oxfordshire based dj/producer “Lyfie” known to his friends as Luke may be a newer name to some but having found a passion for drum and bass in the late 90’s he is anything but new to the genre. A keen dj and vinyl collecter for many years it was only a matter of time until he would add some of his own music to that collection.

In 2015 he made the decision to get started on persuing his interest into music production and enrolled in Turno’s Time Is Now music production course where he would learn the tools he needed to begin making music. Aswel as having lessons with Turno, Lyfie was also spending time in the studio with Jaydan where their friendship grew and having similar musical tastes and influences they started to collaborate on some tracks and throw some ideas around which led to Jaydan asking him if he would be interested in managing Smokin Riddims sister label SR2 Records which is now well into its second year of operation.

As we move forward to more recent times Lyfie now has multiple releases on Smokin Riddims under his belt with the tracks ‘Technology’ and ‘Time To Pay’ on the link ups series, He has also recently released a solo project on G13 Records and has a 3rd release on Smokin Riddims this time collaborating with wales finest D-Minus.

Since his introduction to Smokin Riddims, he has gone on to play at events all over the uk for many of the scenes major promoters such as Breakin Science, Innovation, Time Is Now, Jungle Mania, Cre8Dnb and Next Hype and also has multiple international appearances in Belgium for Mutant Madness and SubWave.

Without doubt, 2018 has been Lyfie’s best year so far and he has seen his support and musical output grow stronger. Having already had a lots of track support from the likes of Jaydan, Macky Gee, Blackley, Tyke, Rowney & Propz and Filthy Habits to name just a few he is already looking forward to seeing what 2019 has in store for him.


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