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Upfront (alaisas Recon and Renegade) aka Chris Clark from Edinburgh, has been into Drum & Bass since 2007, where he discovered the music genre through friends he frequently skated with. The genres groove, drums and bass along with its uniqueness in comparison to commercial music, wereamongst the many elements that intrigued Upfront to the music.

From teaching himself to produce using Cubase’ in 2008, Upfront developed a greater passion for the music. With inspiration gained from the likes of Bad Company, Calibre, Noisia, Lenzman, Artificial Intelligence, Upfront knew that he wanted to be a DJ, however, he wanted to be known for his diversity and not sticking with the same style, which is where his influence from 80s synth, trance, house and liquid came in to play. In 2009 Upfront got his first turntables and soon after, gained a residency in the popular Edinburgh club, Cabaret Voltaire. Shortly after, Upfront met Jaydan, who he sent a couple of tracks to. Jaydan being interested in the tracks, signed Upfront to the Smokin’ Riddims label, where the two worked exclusively. With a significant amount of releases on Smokin’ Riddims as well as releases on Killer Bytes and the well known Digital Soundboy, Upfront had successfully established a name for himself in the Drum & Bass scene. Since leaving the Cabaret Voltaire residency and joining the Smokin’ Riddims label, Upfront has played in various places around the world. Edinburgh, London, Leeds, Manchester, Aberdeen, Inverness, Glasgow and Dundee are amongst the many places in the UK the DJ has appeared. However, he has also performed in countries such as Germany and Belgium, where he has gained greater confidence from the stimulated crowds. Upfront has been producing now for 7 years and has had releases on Radio 1 and Kiss FM as well as support from Andy C, DJ Hype, Taxman, Original Sin, Sub Zero, Jaydan, Mista Jam, to name a few. He has also collaborated on music with Jaydan and long term friend from Edinburgh, Aesthetics. In 2016, Upfront’s main focus is to produce deeper Drum & Bass, whilst continuing to get his music heard worldwide. With individuality and enthusiasm, it is fair to say this DJ has a great future ahead.


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