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A young producer by the name of Raz has been causing quite a storm in the scene recently, with his tracks receiving the support of artists such as Hazard and Crissy Criss along with a string of successful releases on labels including Biological Beats, E-Motion and Random Concept Digital! His last track on Tripswitch (Without You) received an enviable amount of high profile plays and DJ support.

Raz’s tunes all unique in their own way and capturing all the distinctive sound’s that are seeing endorsements from heads such as the legendary DJ Marky. Die, Nicky Blackmarket and more…

People have found it hard to place his sound in to any one category, and it seems to sit quite comfortably on the fringe of many sub genres such as rollers, jump up, deep and steppas – a testament to this artists vision and technical ability.


Artist releases:

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